Child and Family Welfare Policy

Ghana’s Child Protection system was fashioned along Anglo-Saxon traditions and models. With time, the system has become uncoordinated and ineffective owing to its colonial features and approaches which are not well suited to current needs of Ghanaians. Every Child Protection system should reflect the different traditions, cultures, values and resources of beneficiaries if it is to work. Opinions have been expressed by many Ghanaians across the length and breadth of this country to institute a Child Protection System that is Fit for Ghana. The drafting of the Child and Family Welfare Policy is in response to the justified calls made by all key stakeholders in the area of Child Protection. This Policy taps into the positive traditional values, principles and protective practices and mechanisms of an effective system that resonates with Ghanaians and service providers. Since 2010, key actors in the area of Child Protection have collaborated to work towards establishing and strengthening a Child Protection system in the country that sets standards for addressing issues in a holistic manner.

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