PUZZLED, a TV series for championing human rights among the youth and persons with disabilities in Africa premiered

“PUZZLED”, a Television (TV) series that brings to bare some of the inhumane plights the youth including persons with disabilities in Africa are exposed to premiered in Accra on Friday 26th October, 2018.

The 13-episode TV series, which is an initiative of the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) and funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), aims  to solve societal ills confronting the youth including persons with disabilities in Africa and advancing family welfare issues.

The TV series which is also based on key messages developed by YBF from the Child and Family Welfare Policy (CFWP) 2015 is also produced to educate children and young people on some forms of abuse which most individuals now consider as norms in society but have hazardous effects on children.

CFWP 2015 has the objective to design child and family welfare programmes and activities to more effectively protect children from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation and to ensure an effective coordination of the child and family welfare service at all levels.

And this fuses into the vision of YBF that is; equipping the youth with appropriate information, platforms and resources that would enhance their physical, mental and socio-economic well-being and further help develop them into responsible adults.

Being part of activities complementing the phase two implementation of the “Access to Justice for Youth and Persons with Disability in Ghana” Project implemented by YBF, it seeks to build the capacities of young people in the various Laws and Policies that are formulated in their interest.

It also seeks to engage Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in decision making both locally and nationally.

Speaking at the premiere, of the TV series that has Ms Lydia Forson, an award winning Ghanaian actress, Writer and Producer as the Lead cast, who is a child’s right, youth advocate and a voice for marginalized groups in society especially PWDs, Lydia, known in the drama series as “Korkor” said majority of the public were not aware of the CFWP 2015, hence the cast seeking to translate the policy as well as issues pertaining to family welfare, child protection and advancing the cause of inclusion PWDs.

As society’s definition of a successful advocate- brilliant, charismatic, charming, elegant and passionate Boss-Chic in the TV series, and with her team at Kork and Co, she defends and fights for rights of children, youth and PWDs at all cost.

“Korkor”, despite her tough exterior has to fight her own internal battles that go against everything she stands for.

She said: “The dream of changing the stereotypical nature against PWDs is their drive.”

Mr Seth Oteng, the Executive Director of YBF also called on stakeholders and the public to support the noble but difficult campaign adding that “Let us help the marginalized, oppressed, abused and the voiceless.”

“Our goal is to bring this narrative to the doorstep of every Ghanaian and African to understand and appreciate…. my dream of changing the campaign status quo, hence the reason for this great output “PUZZLED,” Mr Oteng, the Executive Producer of “PUZZLED” said.

Mr Alex Williams, a Representative of the Ghana Blind Union, said all PWDs on daily basis have to deal with the issue of what they could do as disabled, saying, society always renders them redundant because of their disability.


He commended YBF for fighting for their course and trying to include them in such as an educative series, saying, “Persons with disability must be allowed to play their roles in movies as persons not suffering with any disability are those who turn to play their roles tend to portray different images of them,” he said.


Mr Williams observed that, the disability community looks up to the series as a role model, a path to go down, to ensure to include PWDs and to show their capabilities that they can do much better than expected.

Madam Dzifa Abla Gomashie, the Former Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Art, expressing happiness about the TV series, said, the theme was appropriate as it deals with the cold-heartedness faced by marginalized groups and PWDs in society.

The premiere of the latest Ghanaian TV series, “PUZZLED”, had a successful turnout at the Executive Theater at the TV3 Network Limited.

Before and after premiering, “PUZZLED” would be discussed on various media platforms to ensure that, a large number of individuals are reached with the information and education to protect and respect the rights of every child and ensure their wellbeing.

This is a TV series where Lydia deals with a myriad of cases including her personal life issues which she will go all length to hide from the public.  Will “Korkor” be able to save the world with her skeletons like shadows lurking in the dark? How can she save the world alone? What is she up against?

This is a soul touching series with a rippling effect that will leave you spell bound. This exciting series is a Pan-African Project.

After, the premiere, the TV series it can confidently be said that, it has won the hearts of many movie lovers.

It is expected to be aired on Tv3.