Ghana Academy Of Film And Television Arts Screens Puzzled Africa Series – A Ybf And Osiwa Production

‘What happens when a young couple, struggling to make ends meet, have to shoulder the added burden of a daughter who is blind? Can their marriage hold up, or will they throw in the towel?’

These and many more issues plaguing young people, women and children is what the Puzzled Africa Series funded by Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA) and produced by Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) demonstrates.

On Thursday 25th November 2021 the foregoing excerpt, also the 9th episode of this 13-part series which features award winning actress, Lydia Forson showed as the curtain raiser to the main movie at the Movie Thursday event by the Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts (GAFTA).

The issues of teenage pregnancy and challenges faced by young persons with disability came to bare among an audience of film experts, students and fun seekers, raising discussions and questions to the phenomenon.

Where there are policies to address these issues, it is important to create the awareness for victims and the public in general. It is for this reason that the Television (TV) series was premiered, to present the Child and Family Welfare Policy (CFWP) 2015 of Ghana in a socially resonating drama. Now more than ever, COVID 19 and its unintended effects on the young presents to us an opportunity to correct these inconsistencies in our social systems so that together we will forge ahead in the COVID-19 recovery economy.

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